Friday Break-Out Sessions

13:30 – 15:00

Murray Stein (SGAP, AGAP, CSJA): Past Presidents of the IAAP Thinking Ahead. PANEL WithThomas Kirsch (CGJISF, SGAP)(1989-1995), Verena Kast (SGAP, AGAP)(1995-1998), Luigi Zoja (AGAP, CIPA)(1998-2001), Murray Stein (SGAP, AGAP, CSJA)(2001-2004), Christian Gaillard (SFPA)(2004-2007), and Hester Solomon (BAP)(2007-2010).
Moderator and panel-member: Murray Stein (SGAP, AGAP, CSJA)
Room no 8

Maria Teresa Noguera Turbau (AVPA) with Irene Henche: Cuentos de Hadas Arquetipos y Psicodrama Simbòlico. SPANISH
Moderator: Víctor Manuel López G. (SOMEJ, SEPA)
Room no 11 + 13

Anna Panepucci (AIPA) with Harald Atmanspacher: Psyche and matter can be considered virtually identical, writes Jung to Pauli in 1953. What are the current thoughts? A dialogue between a physicist and an analyst.
Moderator: Jeffrey Kiehl (IRSJA)
Room no 10 + 12

Yasuhiro Tanaka (AJAJ): Do adult PDD patients dream of papier-mâché sheep?
Moderator: Henrik Okboel (DSAP)
Room no 14

Patricia Berry (IRSJA, NESJA): Psychopoetics and Jung.
Moderator: Naomi Ruth Lowinsky (CGJISF)
Room no 9

Marian Dunlea (IM): Body Dreaming: Connecting the Dream and its Body Resonance, seeing where the Energy wants to go. WORKSHOP.
Moderator: Nancy Furlotti (IRSJA)
Room no 15