Thursday Break-Out Sessions

First Period 13:30 – 15:00

Günter Langwieler (DGAP): Mundus imaginalis: The creative and sense making power of the unconscious.
Gerhard Burda (OGAP): Mundus imaginalis: realism, scepticism and the psychoid psyche.
Moderator: Philip Kime (AGAP)
Room no. 14

Tina Stromsted (CGJISF): Embodied Alchemy: Awakening Spirit in the Body. Workshop.
Moderator: Margarita Mendez (SVAJ)
Room no. 15

Ann Belford Ulanov (JPA): Origins: “In the end is my beginning.”
Moderator: Vibeke Vedel (DSAP)
Room no. 8

Giles Clark (ANZSJA): Psychoid Relations in the Transferiental/Countertransferiental Field of Personality Disorders.
Katherine Killick (SAP): Soundless Screaming: Psychotic Anxiety and Analytic Containment.
Moderator: Linda Carter (JPA, NESJA)
Room no. 9

Frances Parks (IRSJA): Ethics and Efficacy in Jungian Practice.
Christian Roesler (DGAP): Empirical evidence for the effectiveness of Jungian psychotherapy. State of the art in research.
Moderator: Alessandra de Coro (AIPA)
Room no. 13

Ole Vedfelt (DSAP): The phenomenology of the Spirit in Childhood Memories – Early Numinous Experiences in a De-sacralized World.
Moderator: Antonia Boll (AJA)
Room no. 10

Liliana Wahba(SBrPA): The End of Civilization.
David Rosen (PNSJA)/ Frank McMillan (IAJS): Jung and Levinas: War and Ethics.
Moderator: Gadi Maoz (NIJS)
Room no. 12

From The Red Book


Donna Cozort (DSJA): Healing Through the Archetype of Job: an Innovative Application of Jungian Analysis in the Case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Joy Schaverien (SAP): Boarding School Syndrome: a Hidden Trauma – The Clinical Picture.
Moderator: Ursula Wirtz (SGAP, AGAP)
Room no. 11

Christian Gaillard (SFPA/IAAP) and Alain Gibault (Parisian Society of Psychoanalysis/IPA) (Co-Chairs): Panel of Jungian analysts and Freudian analysts. With Dimitri Zalessky (KDG/IAAP) and Soren Aagaard (Danish Society of Psychoanalysis/IPA)
Room no. 2

Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA), Tom Kelly (IRSJA, AGAP): Meeting with the previous and the new Executive Committee.
Room no. 1

Second Period 15:30 – 17:00

Brian Feldman (CGJISF, IRSJA): The Aesthetic and Spiritual Life of the Infant: Towards a Jungian Theory of the Origins of the Symbolic Life.
Moderator: Jacqueline West (NMSJA, IRSJA)
Room no. 12

Jörg Rasche (DGAP): European Cultural Complexes.
Moderator: Gert Sauer (AGAP, DGAP)
Room no 11

Elizabeth Bauch Zimmermann and Marion Rauscher Gallbach (AJB, SBrPA): Body-Active-Imagination and Creative Meditative Dance as Innovative Therapeutic Resources in Analytical Psychology. Workshop.
Moderator: Jacqueline Gerson (IM)
Room no. 15

Claire Alphin (CGJISF) / Christine Hejinian (CGJISF): Whither Analytic Identity When Aging Interferes?
Claus Braun (DGAP): Jungian Psychoanalysis, Age and Individuation – a contribution to a theory of analytical relationship.
Moderator: Nancy Qualls-Corbett (IRSJA, AGAP)
Room no. 9

Jean Shinoda Bolen (CGJISF) and Pilar Montero (CGJISF): Emergence of Empowered Conscious Feminine: Women, Archetypes, Planetary Crisis – a Jungian Perspective.
Moderator: Angelica Löwe
Room no. 14

Andréa Fiuza Hunt (JPA): The Voice of Transgression.
Moderator: Walter Boechat (AJB, AGAP)
Room no. 13

Margaret Wilkinson (SAP), Judith Woodhead (SAP), Professor Ruth Lanius, Harris Woodman, the University of Western Ontario, (Advisor to the Project: Joe Cambray, President, IAAP): Report on a Jungian oriented, laboratory based, research project designed to explore dissociative splits in patients with PTSD and possible links to diminished functioning of the default network of human brain.
Moderator: Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA)
Room no. 8

Ronald Schenk (IRSJA): Language Life: A Deconstructive Opening Into Intersubjectivity.
Sanford Pepper (CGJISF)
Room no. 2

Apollo & Artemis

Henry Abramovitch (IIJP): Finding Siblings in Analysis and Myth.
Lara Newton (IRSJA): Brother and Sister: an ancient and new model for outer relationship and inner transformation.
Moderator: Nancy van den Berg-Cook (NAAP)
Room no. 10

JoAnn Culbert-Koehn (CGJILA, IRSJA): Child and Adolescent Working Party. Chair: JoAnn Culbert-Koehn, panel-members: Toshio Kawai (Japan), Margo Leahy (USA) and Olivia del Castillo (Spain).
Room no. 4

Tom Kelly (IRSJA, AGAP): Meeting with the new Executive Committee.
Room no. 1

Third Period 17:15 – 18:45

A performance of Scenes from Jung’s Red Book with Murray Stein (SGAP, AGAP, CSJA), Paul Brutsche (SGAP, AGAP), Dariane Pictet (AGAP, SGAP, IGAP)and John Hill (AGAP, SGAP)
Room no 8


Cheol Joong Kang (KAJA): Auspicious Site, a Symbol of the Self: Archetypal Landscape of Psychic Totality.
Moderator: Chie Lee (CGJILA)
Room no. 10

Giorgio Cavallari (CIPA): Tuning and focusing as the roots of creativity in the analytical process: a Jungian perspective.
Daniel Borleleau (IRSJA)
Room no. 12

Phyllis Marie Jensen (AGAP): Migration Complex in Canada: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation.
Moderator: Christina Becker (IRSJA)
Room no. 11

Chiara Rogora (AIPA, CIPA): workshop, aimed at the comparison between colleagues who are working on early childhood. With W. Grosso, N.Neri, A. Michelini Tocci, B. Gallerano.WORKSHOP.
Moderator: Chiara Rogora
Room no. 9

Durval Luiz de Faria (AJB): Malandro: a Brazilian trickster
Moderator: Alvaro Ancona de Faria (SBrPA)
Room no. 14

John Gosling (SAAJA): An Innovative Training Model.
Moderator: Yehuda Abramovitch (IIJP)
Room no. 2

Helen Freeman (IGAP): The Symbol of the Double: A mythological and psychological investigation of the individuation process in twins
Moderator: Pamela Power (CGJILA, IRSJA)
Room no. 13

Romolus & Remus

Tom Kelly (IRSJA, AGAP): Meeting with the new Executive Committee.
Room no. 1

Masters of Ceremony: – 100 hundred years later: so what ? A free place to share your thoughts, questions and comments on the different presentations – as well as overviews, links and gaps in the overall Program. With the participation of the Masters of Ceremony. Room no. 4