C.G. Jung Institute Copenhagen

lotusThe C.G. Jung Institute, Copenhagen was founded in 1980 and reorganised onto the present form in 1996.

The C.G. Jung Institute offers a private education in analytical psychotherapy and analysis based on theories about the human psyche as formulated by C.G. Jung and further developed by his successors. The training qualifies for membership in the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP).

The C.G. Jung Institute is managed by a Training Committee, a Director of Training, and a Staff, all in accordance with the Institute-regulations § 4 art. 1-6 and the present Manual for Quality Management par. 1.3, Institute Organisation.Requirements for application are determined by the Training Regulations. The training is generally determined by the Training Regulations. The training is scheduled in the Training Program.

New groups of candidates are taken in with 3 year’s interval. Location: Primarily Copenhagen.

Overview of the training in Jungian Analysis 2017

Reading List for the Training in Jungian Analysis 2017

Regulations for the Training as Jungian Analyst 2017

Guidelines for Candidates 2017

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