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Jung Instituttets 1-dags konference d. 10. maj 2019

Jung Instituttets 1-dags konference d. 10. maj 2019

Jung Instituttet afholder en én-dags konference fredag d. 10. maj i Hvidehus, Valbygaaardsvej 64A, 2500 Valby.


With Harri Virtanen, Finland

In Hvidehus, Valbygaardsvej 62 A, 2500 Valby http://www.hvidehus.com/

Friday May 10th 2019 at 10 – 16.00


The doors will be open from 9:30 

10.00-10.15   Welcome

10.15-11.15   Lecture 1: 

Trauma in love relationship

At least for 100 years, trauma has been a subject for psychological studies. We have understood the effects of early trauma in the psychodynamic field. C.G. Jung wrote about a traumatic complex. Donald Kalsched has written about archetypal defence mechanisms. In spite of this, PTSD, posttraumatic stress disorder, became a DSM diagnoses as late as 1980. Trauma belongs to life and it is behind many other psychiatric sufferings. Trauma survivors are alive but they are not developing, they are not really part of life, they are not living their lives fully. How does trauma effect couple relationship? 

11.15-11.30     Coffee break

11.30-12.30     Discussion in groups, different topics, led by Danish   Analysts

12.30-13.30     Lunch

13.30-14.30     Lecture 2:

Jungian couple therapy for trauma survivors

What is Jungian couple therapy? Can love heal the trauma? Three steps to heal the trauma. Some clinical cases.

14.30-15.00     Coffee break

15.00-16.00   Final plenary discussion and closing remarks

Harri Virtanen. Jungian Analyst DSAP/IAAP

Virtanen has worked as Professor of Dramaturgy in the Theatre Academy. He has participated, either as a script-writer or as a part of the buying end in creating blockbusting, award-winning Finnish drama series. He is currently writing the Netflix crime series Deadwind. He has written and directed numerous plays for the theatre. Virtanen has graduated as a Master of Arts from the Theatre Academy. He finished his studies at the Jung Institute Copenhagen in 2012. He runs a private practice in Helsinki.

Practical information

Members of FPAP and Jung Foreningen can participate in the One Day Conference for a Member Conference Fee. Students, Routers and Members of IAAP from Developing Groups in Central and Eastern Europe can attend for a special fee. Attendance in the One Day Conference is mandatory for candidates the C.G. Jung Institute in Copenhagen who via their training fee have paid for their attendance. Members of DSAP have, as part of their membership, free attendance to the One Day Conference.

Conference Fee: Incl. lunch, coffee and fruit/cake:

Members   DKK   820 (EUR 110)

Guests   DKK 1000 (EUR 135)

Students / Routers /DG members DKK   375 (EUR 50)

Registration is binding and must be done via email to [email protected] incl. information about name and possible membership and simultaneous bank-transfer to

Danske Bank reg. no. 1551, account no. 1594907

IBAN                   DK4630000001594907

BIC/Swift             DABADKKK

Registration must be before April 25th 2019. Please note:” Conference” and your name.

If you need an electronic receipt, please note this when you register and please send the name and address of the working-place, EAN-number and reference.

Seats are limited. In case of overbooking message will be sent and payment returned to the persons concerned.

For further information contact [email protected]