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Supervision Course March 2020

Supervision Course March 2020

NB! The Supervision Course March 2020 is POSTPONED!!!

We are sorry, but due to the corona virus we have to postpone the supervision course.

Friday March 27 until Sunday March 29, 2020.   
Postgraduate Program in Psychotherapy Supervision
The DSAP Certificate and Diploma in Supervision
Friday March 27 – Sunday March 29, 2020

The C.G. Jung Institute in Copenhagen and the Danish Society for Analytical Psychology (DSAP) invite to

Moments of Complexity in Supervision

This 2 1/2 days course from Friday, March 27 at 10:00 am to Sunday, March 29 at 13:45 pm is the second supervisor course organized by DSAP and the Jung Institute in Copenhagen. Like the first course in 2016 this course will be informed by a psychodynamic approach including theoretical and clinical aspects of analytical psychology and will combine the theory and practice of clinical supervision.

The course will be organized into theme-based sessions lead by the organizers/group leaders and small groups focusing on the ‘supervision of supervision’. This gives the whole course an interactive and experiential perspective as reflected in the title. Participants are encouraged to bring their own examples of moments of complexity from their supervisory work. Each group will be led by one of the group leaders.

We welcome participants who are trained as psychotherapists and/or Jungian psychoanalysts and have worked in clinical practice for at least two to three years. We welcome also those therapists and analysts who have begun to supervise and would like to learn more.
For those analysts who have trained at DSAP, this course is highly recommended for those who wish to become supervisors, especially for DSAP candidates.

The supervisor has a professional responsibility to facilitate the development of his/her supervisees, especially if they are in training. The supervision process can present challenges for the supervisor especially if supervisees are to be evaluated.

The course will circle around the following themes:

• Boundaries in supervision
• Ethical issues in supervision
• Working with difficult supervisees
• Complex moments in group supervision
• Personal challenges for the developing supervisor
• Contrasting styles of working with beginners and experienced supervisors
• Thinking about the relationship between support, challenge and teaching in supervision; the need for flexibility
• The challenge of supervising in organisations
• Exploring the difference between psychotherapy practice and the practice of supervision

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Supervision Course March 2020