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Med Jan Wiener og Catherine Crowther, Gunilla Midbøe, Christel Bormann og Misser Berg.
Kurset er et post-graduate kursus for jungianske analytikere i Danmark og andre lande.

Supervision Course

Postgraduate Programme in Supervision to take place in spring 2020
Organized by DSAP and the Jung Institute, Copenhagen

The DSAP Certificate and Diploma in Supervision

Ethical and unethical aspects of supervision

This 2 1/2 days course from Friday at 10:00 to Sunday at 14:00 is the second supervisor course organised by DSAP and the Jung Institute in Copenhagen. Like the first course in 2016 this course will be informed by a psychodynamic approach including theoretical and clinical aspects of analytical psychology and will combine the theory and practice of clinical supervision.
This is the second event in what will become regular supervision courses and which will be necessary to qualify as supervisor at the C.G. Jung Institute in Copenhagen.

Ethical Considerations
The course will circle around the major areas for ethical consideration by a supervisor and supervisee:
  • Protection of the patient’s well-being
  • Protection of others from the patient
  • Upholding standards within the profession of psychotherapy
  • Boundaries
  • Frame
  • Confidentiality
  • Competence of supervisee and supervisor
  • Professional and personal development of trainee
  • Assessment of trainee’s progress
  • Health of supervisee and supervisor
  • Training and support for supervisor
  • Misbehaviour
  • Role of the ethics committee/ training committee
  • Institutions/ law/ liability
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Confidentiality about colleagues (e.g. doubting the competence of a trainee’s analyst)

Presenters and Group Leaders:

Catherine Crowther, SAP London, Jan Wiener, SAP London, Christel Bormann, Denmark, Gunilla Midbøe, DSAP Sweden, Misser Berg, DSAP Denmark,

The conference language will be English

Date and detailed program will be posted on this website https://cg-jung.dk/ on this link: https://cg-jung.dk/arkiv/konferencer/