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To-dages konference på Jung Instituttet d. 3. og 4. oktober 2020

To-dages konference på Jung Instituttet d. 3. og 4. oktober 2020

Interpretation in Jungian Analysis – A two-day conference.
Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of October 2020
at Kulturhuset Pilegården, Brønshøjvej 17, 2700 Brønshøj
with Mark Winborn, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Saturday October 3rd
Interpretation in Jungian Analysis
Analytic interpretation is fundamental to the process of psychoanalysis, Jungian analysis, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It is the medium by which our art form is transmitted. What one chooses to say in analysis, why one chooses it, how one says it, when one says it; these are the building blocks of the interpretive process and the focus of my book Interpretation in Jungian Analysis: Art and Technique. It is an important tool to develop proficiency with, but it can’t be used effectively if we don’t develop fluency with it.
The Saturday workshop will provide in-depth exploration of the process, including the history of analytic technique, the role of language in analytic therapy, the poetics and metaphor of interpretation, and the relationship between interpretation and the analytic attitude. In addition, the steps involved with the creation of clear, meaningful, and transformative interpretations are plainly outlined. Blending the deep understanding of archetype, symbol, and metaphor from the Jungian tradition with competency in psychoanalytic interpretative technique creates a powerful
therapeutic amalgam.

Sunday October 4th
Jung and the Metaphorical Mind
The Sunday workshop focuses on the metaphorical qualities of the human psyche. The emphasis on metaphor in analytic therapy is one aspect which distinguishes it from other forms of therapy. Often we think of myths, fairytales, religious motifs, and alchemical themes primarily as systems of symbolic material and as representations of the collective unconscious but at the most basic level they function as metaphors. However, metaphors are not only associated with manifestations of the collective unconscious; they also manifest, and are utilized constantly, consciously, and unconsciously, in everyday life and language. Metaphor is the process which allows music, art, poetry, or film to move us. It is also the process which brings imagination alive.
Metaphor, imagination and reverie are three inter-related processes which underlie the analyst’s fundamental stance in the analytic process (i.e. the analytic attitude), create the potential for change in the analytic process, but also provide the foundation for any creative experience. In this workshop we will explore these processes and their inter-relationships.

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2-dages konference oktober 2020